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‘Confucius Was a Foodie’ Season One

You can own the first season of ‘Confucius Was a Foodie’. Includes eight episodes, each 53 minutes long. Get the entire season and save up to 37% off. All purchased content is downloadable for you to enjoy anytime or gift to others!

Own Season 1 $19.99 (DIGITAL) Own Season 1 DVD $29.95 (2 DISCS)
  • Episode 1: Origins of the Beginnings

    Christine looks for the Chinese origins of foods like ketchup, pasta, baklava, pizza, and more.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 2: Confucius and Food Philosophy

    Who said it first—Confucius or Hippocrates? Christine sets off to compare the thoughts of foodie philosophers.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 3: Celebrations, Ceremonies and the Dumpling

    Christine eats her way through the Lunar calendar with traditional customs, cuisine and culture.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 4: Noodles - Food of Legends

    Noodles symbolize longevity in Chinese culinary culture and this episode has more noodles than you can imagine!

    (53 min)

  • Episode 5: The Big Picture

    Christine meets her Chinese chef mentors, discovering her assumptions about Chinese cuisine in North America might not be true.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 6: Cantonese

    Learning the history of Chinese immigration in America, challenges Christine’s idea of Cantonese cuisine.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 7: Sichuan

    Christine ventures into the world of Sichuan cuisine and discovers the surprise of flavor over heat.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 8: Sweet

    Christine explores the flavor of sweet in Chinese immigrant communities across Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    (53 min)

‘Confucius Was a Foodie’ Season Two

You can own the second season of ‘Confucius Was a Foodie’. Includes six episodes, each one hour long. Get the entire season and save up to 25% off. All purchased content is downloadable for you to enjoy anytime or gift to others!

Own Season 2 $17.99 (DIGITAL) Own Season 2 DVD $27.95 (2 DISCS)
  • Episode 1: The Salty Flavor

    You’ll gain a new appreciation for salt— one of the five Chinese flavors — as you watch Christine harvest it from the sea in Thailand. 

    (53 min)

  • Episode 2: Tea - Culture, Celebration & Commerce

    Travel from London to Hong Kong to learn about the story and history of Tea.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 3: Huaiyang - The Cuisine of Poets

    Explore Huaiyang with Christine — an exquisite cuisine historically connected to ancient Chinese poets and scholars.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 4: The Origin of ‘Cuisine’

    Is Chinese cuisine, with its Confucian structure, really the origin of the world’s great cuisines? Find out in this episode.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 5: The Bitter Flavor

    The bitter flavor is often found in Chinese cooking, but rarely used alone. It is said to clear “heat”, strengthen the stomach, and promote salivation.

    (53 min)

  • Episode 6: Shandong - The Cuisine of Confucius

    The oldest of the Chinese cuisines and with roots in dishes served to royalty, Shandong is known as the cuisine of Confucius.

    (56 min)

‘Confucius Was a Foodie’ Season 1&2

You can own both season one and two of ‘Confucius Was a Foodie’. Includes 14 episodes, each 53 minutes long. Get the whole series and save up to 32% off. All purchased content is downloadable for you to enjoy anytime or gift to others!

Own both season 1&2 $37.99 (DIGITAL) Own Season 1 DVD $29.95 (2 DISCS) Own Season 2 DVD $27.95 (2 DISCS)

PBS Airdates

‘Confucius was a Foodie’ Season Two Coming to a PBS Station Near You (Fall 2019):

CityStationStart TimeAirtime
Los Angeles, CAKVCROct. 3Thursdays at 12 pm
Los Angeles, CAKLCSOct. 3Thursdays at 8 pm
San Francisco, CAKQED PlusOct. 4Fridays at 6 pm
Boston, MAWGBXOct. 5Saturdays at 11 am
New Hampshire, NEExploreOct. 5Saturdays at 11 am
Milwaukee, WIWMVTOct. 6Sundays at 6 am
New York, NYWYNEOct. 6Sundays at 11 pm
St. Louis, MIThe Nine Network (KETC)Oct. 6Sundays at 11 am
Albuquerque, NMKENW 3-1Oct. 7Mondays at 3 pm
Kansas City, MOKCPT2Oct. 7Mondays at 6pm
Re-airing season 1 leading up to Oct. 7
Portland, OROPB PlusOct. 7Mondays at 9 pm
Tampa, FLWEDQOct. 7Mondays at 10 pm
Los Angeles, CAKCETOct. 8Tuesdays at 11 am
Nashville, TNNPT2Oct. 8Tuesdays at 11 am
Portland, OROPB OPB PlusOct. 9Wednesdays at 1 am
Albuquerque, NMKENW 3-3Oct. 10Thursdays at 4 am and 9 pm
Albuquerque, NMKENW 3-1Oct. 11Fridays at 9 am
Greenville-Spartan, SCETVWOct. 12Saturdays at 4 pm
Indianapolis, INWFYI3Oct. 12Saturdays at 7 pm
Portland, OROPB PlusOct. 13Sundays at 6 pm
Los Angeles, CAKCET LinkOct. 14Mondays at 6 pm and 10 pm
Grand Rapids, MIKGVU LifeOct. 17Thursdays at 8 am and 2pm
Orlando, FLWEFSOct. 17Thursdays at 8 pm
Buffalo, NY / Toronto, CAWNEDOct. 18Fridays at 8 pm
Baltimore, MDMPT2Oct. 18Fridays at 8 pm
(Oct. 7 Tues 10 pm) Re-airing season 1
West Palm Beach, FLWXELOct. 19Saturdays at 3 pm
Denver, COCPT 12 - Colorado Public TelevisionOct. 22Tuesdays at 9 pm
(Sept. 3) Re-airing season 1
Atlanta, GAWPBAOct. 28Mondays at 5 pm
Los Angeles, CAPBS Socal 2Oct. 31Thursdays at 12 am
Norfolk, VAWHRONov. 28Thursdays at 10 pm


A New World Adventure in an Ancient Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is perhaps the oldest and most sophisticated organized cuisine in the world, consumed by millions everyday and influencing other world cuisines in unexpected ways. It boasts over 5,000 years of history, yet how much do we really know about it?

‘Confucius Was a Foodie’ is a documentary series where celebrity chef and former Food Network host, Christine Cushing, takes you on a voyage of delicious discovery, exploring the best Chinese food imaginable, and uncovering fascinating traditions.

Under the guidance of Chinese master chefs and experts who have made Chinese cuisine their life’s work, Christine cooks and eats her way through North America, Europe and Asia. It’s a learning adventure she describes as one of the most interesting and enlightening in her entire career as a chef.

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